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Hi everyone,

Recently, I have been thinking about “women’s power” in this “men’s world”. I am originally from Taiwan. Although Taiwan has it’s first female president, it doesn’t mean there is gender equality in most of the Taiwanese family.

For my generation, most of our parents still prefer to have sons because they think only sons can carry the family names. In those kind of traditional families, the parents would spoil the sons and give them almost everything, but only little bit to the daughters. It really is unfair, right? The daughters have to work so hard to prove themselves and hope that their parents could be proud. But I started to realize that it won’t change anything. If you live in a culture like this, no matter how hard you try, nothing will be changed. The concept of patriarchy has been rooted in their minds. So, since we can not change anybody else, why don’t we change ourselves?

By changing ourselves, hopefully we can change the culture.  We women don’t need to please anyone or work hard to see if people could love us more. We are our own stars! Don’t worry about how people look at you. Be yourself and go for your dreams. Believe in yourself and never give up. You will shine like a star!


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Love, Joling

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    1. Hi Liz,
      Thank you so much for reading my post and the words of encouragement!
      I do appreciate it!

      Love, Joling

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