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Hi Everyone,

I would love to say “Thank You!” for those who read my post, “5 goals to accomplish in 2018” and wrote me the sweet comments. Your encouragements mean a lot to me. It always makes me feel so excited to meet people with common or similar interests. Even thought I don’t see you (the marvelous bloggers) in person, I always get inspired when I read your posts or your comments. Besides, there are so many amazing women I adore and friends who are always there to support me. You give me the strength to work harder, keep learning and become the person I want to be. So, thank you!

When I think about purchasing a new item which is a little bit pricey, one of the most important factors that I would consider is how often I would wear it. This reversible coat is definitely a great buy and I wore this coat a lot during the winter. When I want dress up, I wore the faux fur side out. When I want to create a casual and stylish look, I wore the sleek side out. How nice a coat can give you two different options to style your looks!

I received so many compliments and a lot of people asked me about these booties when I wore them out.These booties are so cozy just like the name and really keep me warm during the winter time. They go perfectly with skinny jeans. Sometimes the temperature goes down and we need to bundle up, but you always can find something to make yourself look chic.

Thanks for reading!

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Love, Joling

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