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Skincare routine is very important to me. It is like brushing teeth, I do it every morning and every night.  Living in Colorado, we have more than 300 sunny days a year. My husband and my boys all like outdoor activities. So I spend long time under the sun when I go out with them. My skin exposes to the sun very often. After turning forty, I start noticing my skin getting drier and more sensitive. I told myself that I had to fine some nice products to take care of my skin.

I am so happy to introduce this HY+5 Regimen from Willing Beauty. I changed my skincare products to use only HY+5. My skin becomes more radiant and smoother after using them for a week.

Story about Willing Beauty

Willing Beauty was created by Christy and her daughter, Willa. Christy is a skin cancer survivor when she was 29. Too much sun damage and too little care for the skin when she was young were the reasons caused the cancer. That’s why she knew she needed to teach her daughter how to take care of skin from a young age. Since they could not find any healthy and skin-protective products to feel secure to use. They decide to make them.

HY+5 Regimen

HY+5 Regimen is a skincare system that includes five products, which are cleanser, day moisturize, tinted SPF primer, serum and night cream. HY+5 is a simple regimen that is both safe and effective

Day time skincare routine

After using DO OVER Nouishing Cleanser to wash my face, I simply apply DAYDREAM Illuminatin Day Moisturizer and then GET SET SPF Tinted Primer. I am really impressed with this GET SET SPF Tinted Primer. It is so smooth and soft. If I need to wear makeup, I use it before foundation. Most of the time, I just wear it alone.

Night time skincare routine

If I have my makeup, I would still use my makeup remover oil to remove my makeup and then wash my face with DO OVER Nouishing Cleasner. After that, I apply to two or three drops of PARTNER IN TIME AGE-DEFYING Night Serum on my face and neck and finishes my night time skincare routine with this SLEEPOVER REPLENISHING Night Cream

It may sound cliche. Although I am very satisfied with the result, I truly believe that eating well, sleeping well, and having regular exercise schedule are all the main keys to keep your body healthy and keep your skin in good condition. The ingredients of HY+5 Regimen are both safe and effective. Besides, not only my everyday skincare routine becomes more simple, but also I find my skin condition is improved. It is nice to wake up with more radiant and smooth skin.

Click here to order your HY+5 Regimen and start your HY+5 challenge!

Thanks for reading!

Love, Joling

Thanks to Willing Beauty for sponsoring this post!  All opinions are my own.

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    1. That is so true! I love to find new brands and new things. This is new to me, too. But I do love the products after I tried them.
      Have a wonderful weekend!

      Love, Joling

  1. We have a lot of sunshine over her too so skincare is definitely as important to me as brushing one’s teeth! I love the sound of the tinted primer, that’s such a good idea and how pretty is the packaging too! Thanks so much for sharing your experience! xxx

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