Couple weeks ago, my niece from Taiwan sent some interview questions to my husband for her school assignment. He recorded his answers and sent them back.  After I heard his answers, I was very impressed by how he responded to two of the questions: what does success means to you? and what is the most important achievement in your life? To him, success means the happiness from having a family; he also said that his family, his wife and two kids are the most important life accomplishment.  Later, my niece texted me and she said she hoped my husband could focus more on the career achievement instead family. So he recorded some more and sent them to her. He said, for the achievement in my career, success meant to do what I love to do, be myself, and always do my best to reach my goals.

When I was young, maybe even in my twenties, I would say the ruler to measure how successful you are would be how much your salary is. In the senior year of college, most of us started to look for a job and prepared to join the workplace. Two jobs I was interested were teacher and flight attendance. Why? The answer was very simple. Because they offered the higher entry-level salary. Since I wasn’t tall enough to be a flight attendance, I became a teacher.

After two-years’ teaching at the elementary school, I quitted my job. I loved my students and wanted to be their friend. I enjoyed the recess time when they came to me and shared what was going on in their life. But people only cared about the high scores on academic records at that time. To me, helping these kids to know themselves well, to have confidence, and be happy was much more important than teaching them how to get better score in tests.

After that, I understood that I wanted a job that I could help people. I became the assistance to a senator. This job offered the minimum entry-level salary, probably the half of  what I got in the teaching job. Usually I had to worke more than twelve hours every day and didn’t get overtime pay. However, I did enjoy this job. When people had the issues with the government, we were the bridge and messenger to help them to negotiate with the government and solve the problems. I love that I was able to make the difference in their lives.

My motto in life is: “Love what you do; do what you love.”  I believe that the success doesn’t have that much to do with how much money you have. The answers my husband gave to my niece would be my answers too. We all have different passions and loves, and those might change over time. Sometimes it takes a long time to find out what you are passionate for. Each person would have his or her own life experience. As long as you are able to do what you love to do and you feel happy about it, to me, that’s success.


Hope you enjoy my story. Thanks for reading!

Love, Joling


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