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Hi Everyone,

Recently, I feel that I want to be more mindful and live my life for the moment because everything is so uncertain. We would never know what would happen to us in the next second because the unexpected things may occur.

In order to make myself live in the moment, I started to think what I can change. Here are the list of things I want to keep in mind and practice everyday:

1. Stop overthinking. We should not worry too much about the future or inhabit the past. Life is too short. We don’t want to waste time on overthinking and let these worries stop you. If you have a dream, just take action to make it happen and enjoy the process and the result.

2. Be content. We need to focus on what we have and be grateful about what we own instead of focusing on what other people have and feeling lost.

3. Be mindful. I think mindfulness is the key to help us to live in the present. It also increases our awareness on the present moment and helps us to self control. Exercising mindfulness is not easy. That’s why I want to keep this quote from Sharon Salzberg in mind, “Mindfulness isn’t difficult, we just need to remember to do it.”

I want my blog be not only about fashion, I would love to share more meaningful contents of inspiration and encouragement. We all have struggles in life. That’s why we need each other, help each other to grow.

We had couple of cool days last week. I could feel that fall is coming. Sweatshirts are my must-have for fall. I wore this tie sleeve sweatshirt with skinny jeans or paired it with midi skirts for a feminine look.

Shop this outfit:

This camo jacket is also of one of my new favorite items for fall. It goes with everything. I can already imagine that it will be my grab & go jacket for this fall.

Thanks for reading!

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Love, Joling

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