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My pre-ordered teddy bear coat arrived earlier than I thought. It was the perfect timing. While the temperature keeps dropping in east coast, the weather here had been pretty warm until this week. There were some snow days during the Christmas but we missed them since we were on the trip in Las Vegas at that time. Colorado hasn’t had much snow this winter. I was so excited to see snow couple days ago. When I woke up on Monday morning, I had my morning coffee and adored the beautiful snow in my backyard through the kitchen widow. However, you pay the price for this gorgeous view. It was really cold outside!

Here comes my solution to keep me warm and look chic.The teddy bear coat! I was looking for a cute teddy bear coat to fit my petite figure and for everyday chic outfit. I tried several of them and I am so happy that I found this one. The material is very soft. And the bonus part for this lightweight coat with feminine dusty mauve color is that it is made with faux fur. I know this is the coat I would wear very often in winter. Do you like teddy bear coat as well?

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