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Hi Everyone!

We just came back from a road trip last week. This trip was planned by my husband and my sons. I only knew the cities we were going, but I didn’t know which places we would be visiting in those cities. So there were a lot of surprises to me.

We flew to Chicago and spent about five days in this gorgeous city. We didn’t rent a car when stayed in Chicago. The hotel is located in downtown. So it is very convenient to us to walk to places or we just took Uber if the place is farther. I have to admit the skyline of Chicago is my favorite so far. I really enjoied the city vibe there. We got the City Pass and we visited all of the five places (Shedd Aqurium, Field Museum, Museum of Science and Industry, Adler Planetarium and Skydeck Chicago) which are all included in the CityPass.  Those places are fun for kids, so my boys had a great time.

My airport outfit. Highly recommended this shirt jacket. Chicago is a windy city. This lightweight jacket kept me warm not only on the airplane but also in the windy city.

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View from Ferris Wheel in Navy Pier

We were really lucky because the weather had been so nice when we were there. I really miss the warm and humid weather.

One of my favorite things to do in Chicago was walking along the Lake Michigan. This Longchamp bag is my must-have item when I packed for every trip.

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I got this denim shirtdress from Nsale, but it is all sold out. I have linked other similar dresses which have very good reviews.

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After visiting Chicago, I really fell in love with this big city. However, after we rented the car and started our road trip from Chicago to Toronto, I started to miss our suburb life in Colorado. I could not imagine I spend so much time in traffic. Besides that, I think Chicago is such a beautiful city to visit.

Thanks for reading!

Love, Joling

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