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Hi Everyone,

Are you good at time management? Have you ever heard people say ‘Oh no! I don’t have time to do this.’? I have to admit that I am guilty because that has been my answer lots of the times. For example, I have been thinking about learning belly dance for a while, but haven’t make it happened yet because I feel that my daily schedule is too busy and I don’t think I have time to join the class.

To be honest, when I said I didn’t have time for something, most of times that meant that thing was not my priority. Actually every things we choose to do and every moments we spend are our own choices. If learning belly dance really matters to me, I would find time to do it. So, in order to start my new time management practice, I have decided to use every Friday or Saturday afternoon to make a list about things I want to complete for the next week. Hopefully I would be able to find the small moment to do the amazing things.

Let me talk about this outfit. Red is my favorite color since I was young and it still is. Red and black are my favorite combo because I think they look really elegant and happy together. I paired this red ruffle top with black culotte to create an office-lady look. During the weekend, I wear this red top with jeans or midi skirt to look casual and chic.

Sometimes when you really love certain design, you just keep buying it unconsciously. I just ordered this new velvet ruffle top which I thought it was really cute. Then I found out that the new one has the similar design as the one I was wearing in the photos.  Have you ever done the same thing?

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Thanks for reading!

Love, Joling


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24 thoughts on “RED FOR FALL”

  1. Hi Joling, I am Ada. Nice to ‘meet’ you. I am a huge fan of red and I always love red and black. This is such a street-chic look. Love the bag and sweater.

    I welcome you to stop by my blog as well. I run a style linkup on Thursdays. Come and join it.

    Thanks, Ada. =)

  2. I usually go for super dark colors for fall like black and grey — I have the hardest time branching out every now and then. But I love that you showcase such a gorgeous color for the season. So perfect especially with the falling of leaves and the warmth of the season!

    Danielle | <3

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