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Hi Everyone,

Recently I have been hearing that many people are suffering anxiety. Some of them started to have anxiety disorder since they were young, so they have been seeing therapists or taking medication to help them deal with it. Some of them just started to realize that they might have anxiety disorder.

Actually, we all have our own worries and experience different levels of anxiety in our daily lives. The distinction between normal anxiety and anxiety disorder is not very clear to us. I found a nice article here to help you to analyze yourself if you worry about you might have the anxiety disorder. In my opinion,  it doesn’t matter whether you need to see the therapist or not,  it is a great idea to share your worries with someone you can trust. Talking to therapists is a good option because they would not pass judgement on you nor gossip about your private things.  Also eating well, sleeping well, and exercising regularly are always the three keys to keep your body and mind healthy.

Okay! Let’s talk about something relaxing. I started to receive my orders from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. However, I need to send some back because they didn’t fit me well. Like I mentioned from the previous post, it is great timing to seize the chance to get what what you need from the sale based on you budget because we can not get them all, right?

This dress is one of my best buys. You can dress it up with heels or wedges to have an elegant look or style it with slip on shoes to have a casual look.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale open to all started from last Friday. I noticed so many things got restocked before the sale was open to all, but they were out of stock during this weekend.  I just found out that the two Madewell dresses I bought, Flutter Sleeve Dress and Courier Denim Shirtdress are out of stock. Fortunately, they are true to size. So I don’t need to do any return or exchange. I have linked the items which are either my finds or my buys. Hope it can be your shopping guide and save your some time.


Jackets & Coats for fall and winter



Pants and Sneakers for my boys

Thanks for reading!

Love, Joling

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  1. This dress looks stunning on you and I love how you added sophisticated accessories to create an elegant look. I was just telling my friends today that I need to focus on eating better, sleeping more and getting exercise. Thanks for the reminder beautiful babe!

    xo Elizabeth |

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