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Is using deodorant one of your daily routines? Few years ago, I started to go to the gym more regularly and join the group fitness classes. I sweat easily when I am exercising, especially my armpits. Although I don’t have the odor issue, I use a deodorant as an antiperspirant when I work out.

I am very cautious when I pick up the products for body. There are so many articles mentioned that some ingredients in the normal deodorant might cause breast cancer. Because of my family history (my mom and some of my relatives are breast cancer survivors), I am well aware that to have a good-quality deodorant with natural ingredients in my gym bag is what I need.

I am so glad that I get the chance to try Native Deodorant. Native Deodorant contains natural ingredients only, such as beeswax, baking soda, coconut oil and shea butter. Which means the products are aluminum-free and parabens-free. I don’t need to worry about toxic chemicals that might cause cancer. The Native Deodorant doesn’t prevent wetness, but absorbs the sweat under my arms. It also eliminates odors. I have been using the Lavender and Rose for about two weeks and it has been working really well. If you have the same concern like me, Native Deodorant would be a great choice.

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