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Happy Friday Everyone!

Have you heard about Up With People? Last weekend, our friends invited us to watch a musical called “The Journey” produced by UWP. I was so impressed by those artists from different countries. They all music lovers. They not only have good vocals, but also dance so well. I really admire them because they are so brave to travel around the world to chase their dreams. The sweet couple, our family friends, who invited us to the show, met each other on the tour with UWP in Europe. And their romantic story is still going on.

During the show, there were so many times that I had to take a deep breathe to hold my tears back. The songs really touched my heart and I think my husband was holding back his tears too. The whole play was amazing and I was inspired by the performance and those fantastic artists. You can check out their tour schedule here.

I wore this floral dress to attend the show. I have been really into floral dresses lately. This floral midi dress also has the petite mini version ( here and here). I purchased the midi version because I bought this mini poplin tea dress as well. One-piece dress can be a great transitional outfit to wear from now through fall. I can’t wait to wear them with denim or moto jackets and put on my ankle boots to create a chic fall look.

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