Happy New Year!

2017 was a bittersweet year to me. My blog debuted in February, 2017.  I was so happy and excited when it was launched. However, sometimes I felt overwhelmed and unbalanced after I had started this journey. Life was getting busier because it was not easy to find enough time to shoot photos and write post regularly. But I know it is my passion and I really enjoy doing it. My motto is “Do what you love; Love what you do.” As long as this is the job I love to do, I don’t feel that I am working anymore. I am still learning and exploring. In order to make my dreams come true, I realize I need to change my habits and work harder. Here are the five goals that I want to reach in 2018.

1. Time Management: My husband and I listened to the audio book, 15 Secrets Successful People know about Time Managemet, while driving to Las Vegas for our Christmas family trip. The first tip we learned is not to write down the “to-do lists” anymore. We started to write the things we want to do on the calendar and make a time frame to finish it. Then, you won’t have any excuse to say that you don’t have time to do it. The time is NOW.

2. Exercise 3 times a week: After we moved to our new home, new area, I don’t really go to the gym regularly. I just signed up for a fitness club which is pretty closed to our house. I want to exercise at least three times a week and restart my exercising habit.

3. Reading More: I love reading. Reading not only helps me earn knowledge but also help me explore what kind of the person I want to become. This is the habit I want to keep and I want to read at least one book a month.

4. Learn new skills: I always want to learn French and Baking. I am going to register the online class to learn French. Also, I just found a culinary program. My husband is also interested in it. We plan to join the classes together to learn about baking and pastry.

5. Posting three times a week: I have to say this is my new year resolution and I want to make it as my habit. I need to manage my time well, put my priorities on my calendar and accomplish them when they are in my daily schedule.

What are your goals in 2018? Let’s encourage each other and make them happen! Hope everyone has a better 2018!

Thanks for reading!

Love, Joling


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26 thoughts on “5 GOALS TO ACCOMPLISH IN 2018”

  1. These are some great New Year’s Resolutions! I also am determined to work out three times a week, but I definitely hear ya on life getting busy. Wishing you all the best this year!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  2. These could be my goals, too! I definitely need to work on time management, posting a little more, and working out more! Great minds think alike! Wishing you the best in 2018!

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